About Valesco

Our Philosophy

Valesco has invested in private and family-owned businesses since 1993 and is trusted by lower and middle-market businesses in a variety of industries. The cornerstone of Valesco’s philosophy is to develop strong and collaborative partnerships with management teams that drive value to the company and minimize the risks that many business owners face.

We Provide

  • Operational Experience

  • Resources

  • Capital

Trusted Partner

Valesco is a trusted value-added partner, capable of moving quickly and efficiently. We understand that great businesses are not created overnight. Our extensive track record of success demonstrates our ability to execute complex transactions on a large scale and effectively build lower middle market businesses.

Type of Investments

At Valesco, our investments take a variety of forms, including:

  • Majority Equity

  • Minority Equity

  • Subordinated Debt

We have decades of experience working with owners who desired a liquidity event to diversify assets for estate or succession planning purposes. Other investments have been primarily expansion-oriented or growth financing for companies needing access to patient, long-term capital.


Are you Ready to Minimize Risk?

We understand that making businesses better involves change, but change sometimes equals risk. We help business owners minimize risks by providing years of industry experience, resources and capital. We grow our companies in a way that aligns and benefits our portfolio companies, investors and the success of our firm.

Across all of our investments, we create flexible solutions and deploy capital in a way that creates the most value and impact over the long-term.


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