HYVE Brand Concierge

HYVE Brand Concierge (“HYVE”) specializes in national, local and independent marketing programs including print production, grand openings and branded apparal, across diverse industries.  HYVE removes the burden of managing hyper-tactical marketing tasks from client teams, so they can re-purpose those resources on higher priority strategic initiatives.

Valesco’s strong relationship with HYVE began four years prior to a formal partnership so when the time came, Valesco provided shareholders a quick close, substantial cash distribution and an equity interest to benefit from the company’s future growth.

  1. “When HYVE became part of the Valesco portfolio, I had no idea I would be working with such a talented and inspiring group of people. Valesco doesn’t just invest in businesses. It helps people to build them.”

    Amy Peart – CEO, HYVE Brand Concierge