When the veteran management team of Adams had the opportunity to buy out the company’s majority shareholder, they turned to Valesco for the solution.

Adams Flavors, Foods & Ingredients is a leading manufacturer and distributor of branded and private- label food products sold to retail supermarkets and commercial food processors in the South-Central US. This 125 year-old Texas tradition is renowned for its extracts, spices and seasonings, including its famous Adams Best Vanilla.

  1. “We were looking for the capital to help us with the buyout of Adams but needed to be sure it was someone who understood and supported our growth strategy. All of the groups we talked to had the money, but Valesco quickly showed us that they were exactly the type of partner we wanted. They’re experienced folks that contribute meaningful resources to all areas of our business. It feels like we added a powerful member to our team”

    Clay Ruple – President, Adams Flavors, Foods & Ingredients

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