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Who We Are

Valesco Industries is a Dallas-based investor that focuses on making majority and minority investments in select growth-oriented small and lower middle-market businesses engaged in manufacturing, value-add distribution, and business services.

As long-time industry veterans, our firm has supported the growth of numerous successful businesses, serving those companies in varying roles as investors, managers, advisors and directors. We have significant operating experience that allows us to add value to successful teams seeking additional avenues for growth.

About Valesco

We Help Companies Reach the Top 1%


What We Do

Valesco Industries invests to create the right capital structure to ensure the long-term success of a company. We take pride in being a value-added partner, and go beyond simply being a source of capital. We understand that every situation is different, and this is why Valesco has no problem being a majority or minority partner, or even a lender.

Valesco Industries focuses on targeting capital investments in lower middle-market businesses seeking to write the next chapter of their success story.

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