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Valesco Named one of the Top Private Equity Firms by Inc. Magazine on their 2022 Founder-Friendly Investors list

Oct 12, 2022

Dallas, Texas – Last week, Inc. announced its fourth annual Founder-Friendly Investors list, honoring venture capital and top private equity firms with the best track record of success backing entrepreneurs. Last year was the first time Inc. shifted focus from previous lists—which were called the Private Equity 50—and this year will continue the trend, including venture capital firms.

We are excited to announce that Valesco has been named an official 2022 honoree for a 2nd year in a row.

The final list recognizes firms that entrepreneurs can trust and collaborate with while receiving the financial support they need to help accelerate growth. All firms have a successful track record of remaining actively involved in the businesses after their investment.

“Fully investing in an entrepreneur, and their innovative vision, involves far more than the financial investment. By developing relationships with and supporting entrepreneurs for the long-term, these private equity firms are more than investors, they’re partners,” says Scott Omelianuk, editor-in-chief of Inc. media.

“ Valesco has been partnering alongside founder-led businesses for over 25 years; it is the backbone of our organization. These entrepreneurs are the strength and creativity that drive the American economy and we are fortunate to be able to invest in and help them grow. Through flexible capital solutions and operational resources, Valesco’s primary goal is to be a short, yet meaningful, chapter in a long successful legacy created by the founders that had the original idea.”

– Angie Henson, Principal at Valesco

To compile the Founder-Friendly Investors list, Inc. went straight to the source: entrepreneurs who have sold to private equity. Founders filled out a questionnaire about their experiences partnering with top private equity firms and shared data on how their portfolio companies have grown during these partnerships.

Click here to see the complete list.

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