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Valesco Completes Four Add-On Acquisitions with T-H Marine in 2021

Aug 31, 2021

Through Q3 of 2021, T-H Marine completed four add-on acquisitions, totaling to fourteen add-ons and five since Valesco’s initial investment. These investments will expand T-H Marine’s brand and reputation in the market through the introduction of new product lines and capabilities.

 “T-H has focused on acquiring great businesses, products and brands over the past 20+ years, and 2021 has seen a massive acceleration in activity,” T-H Marine’s CEO, Jeff Huntley, stated. “We are excited to bring BHP, Designer Tool, Gator Guards and Heartland Global into the T-H Marine family and continue the excellent legacy each of their founders created. Our team looks forward to finding more opportunities to expand into new categories, by continuing to acquire and partner with other similar marine parts and accessories companies. We will make it our mission to grow and nurture each one with the same pride their founders have.”

Additional details of each completed add-on acquisition are below:

BHP Marine – Close Date of 1/28/2021:

BHP Marine (“BHP”) is an online retailer of marine anchoring and mooring products, as well as accessories. Signature product categories include anchors, anchor lines, dock lines and fenders. The acquisition of BHP offers T-H Marine complimentary product offerings with a plug-and-play ecommerce store and access to an invaluable network of ecommerce relationships. Furthermore, the transaction deepens T-H Marine’s brand portfolio with the additions of sought-after brands including anchoring.com, Norestar and Komo Cover.

Designer Tool – Close Date of 6/4/2021:

Designer Tool & Products (“Designer Tool”) is a supplier of high-quality hatches, deck plates and seals. Prior to the acquisition, Designer Tool operated as a critical supplier to T-H Marine. Integrating Designer Tool with T-H Marine’s plastics division will substantially enhance Designer Tool’s production capabilities, empowering T-H Marine’s sales team to operate with unconstrained output.

Heartland Global – Close Date of 8/31/2021

Heartland Global (“Heartland”) is an industry leading supplier of stainless-steel hardware, electronics and plastics to the recreational marine industry. The acquisition of Heartland provides T-H with its first stainless steel product category providing access to a previously untapped segment of the market. Additionally, T-H Marine’s expansive sales channels will help push Heartland product out of the Midwestern United Sates and move its OEM facing products into the aftermarket. Heartland was founded in 2012 in Angola, IN, and will continue to operate as a standalone division of T-H Marine.

Gator Guards – Close Date of 9/3/2021:

The Gator Guards division of SS Marine Products (“Gator Guards”) is the market leader in boat protection products for recreational power boats and kayaks with the trademarked tagline “The Ultimate in Boat Protection”.  The acquisition of Gator Guards offers T-H Marine a clear category leader in marine protection products that will increase its product portfolio for both its OEM and aftermarket customer base. Gator Guards was founded in 1994 in Farmington, IL and will continue to operate as a standalone division of T-H Marine.

Valesco Industries

Valesco continues to seek investment opportunities to provide equity and subordinated debt for control buyout, recapitalization, minority, management buyout and mezzanine situations. T-H Marine and its add-on acquisitions are great examples of relationship, partnership and trust creating equitable outcomes for all parties. T-H is poised for continued success and Valesco could not be more excited about its future.

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