UMI Marketing Solutions Transforms into HYVE Brand Concierge, Leveraging a Rich Legacy Into Strategic Expansion

On January 1, 2024 UMI Marketing Solutions announced its transformation into HYVE Brand Concierge.

Jan 02, 2024

UMI Marketing Solutions today announced its transformation into HYVE Brand Concierge.

[RICHARDSON, TEXAS 1/1/2024] – In a monumental milestone demonstrating growth and client dedication, UMI Marketing Solutions proudly announces its evolution to HYVE Brand Concierge, effective January 1, 2024. This transformation is more than a rebrand; it’s a testament to the focused continuation of a remarkable journey that began in 1998 when UMI Marketing Solutions was founded by a husband-and-wife team from Australia. What started as a small, dedicated group of marketing professionals has grown into a formidable force, with a diverse team deep in client side experience working with some of the largest multi-unit franchises across the nation.

The UMI evolution accelerated in 2020, when the company was acquired by Valesco Industries, a premier private equity firm based in North Texas. This change in ownership propelled UMI towards previously unforeseen levels of  success, allowing the company to explore new verticals and expand its service offerings to clients. Over the last three years, UMI has significantly expanded its portfolio, adding thousands of client locations and continuing to venture into new industries.

A recent milestone in this journey was the acquisition of Christy & Main, Inc., a veteran apparel company that shares UMI’s core values and dedication to client service excellence. Christy & Main boasts a management team with 50+ years of combined experience in producing and distributing uniforms and branded corporate apparel.

The union of UMI Marketing Solutions and Christy & Main under the HYVE Brand Concierge umbrella signifies a synergistic collaboration that enhances the new company’s capabilities and offerings.

The union of UMI Marketing Solutions and Christy & Main under the HYVE Brand Concierge umbrella signifies a synergistic collaboration that enhances the new company’s capabilities and offerings. CEO, Amy Peart, has said “Through the joining of our complementary strengths, we create an alliance that is guided by a unified purpose to deliver extraordinary value to our customers and stakeholders. Our successes have been built on customer focused service and that will continue be our driving force.”

As evidence of some of the new services HYVE will offer and the company’s new scale, a partnership with Paytronix has also been announced. In the new partnership, HYVE Brand Concierge and Paytronix will recommend services provided by one another to their respective client bases as appropriate. Paytronix technology enables loyalty and gift card programs that will add a new dimension to the promotional offerings HYVE is able to bring to its clients.

About HYVE Brand Concierge: HYVE Brand Concierge is the result of the union of marketing leaders UMI Marketing Solutions and Christy & Main, and signifies a synergistic collaboration that enhances the new company’s capabilities and offerings. The new company now stands as a distinguished leader in the field of strategic marketing planning and execution, with over 50 years of multi-unit and franchise experience.

HYVE’s primary goal is to optimize clients’ brand marketing efforts by integrating seamlessly into the fabric of the teams we support and becoming extensions of them. Far surpassing the role of a conventional agency partner, HYVE’s comprehensive solutions, along with our commitment to delivering exceptional client experience, redefine the landscape of doing business and going to market. Specializing in national, local and independent marketing programs including print production, grand openings and branded apparal, across diverse industries, HYVE removes the burden of managing hyper-tactical marketing tasks from client teams, so they can re-purpose those resources on higher priority strategic initiatives.

At the heart of HYVE’s innovative approach is its user-friendly and customizable technology, which revolutionizes the way businesses operate and profoundly impacts the bottom line through saved cost and time efficiencies. HYVE technology is built with the same commitment to client service as all of its other work- meaning it is designed to be user friendly, time saving and intuitive. As your dedicated Brand Concierge, HYVE has expanded its expertise beyond traditional marketing services, offering world-class in-house apparel and logistics services that stands apart from all others.

Whether you need expert guidance in print production, local market strategy and planning, marketing execution, event management or apparel solutions, HYVE is your one stop partner for success.

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