Valesco Industries Invests in Barrier1

On November 23, 2020, Valesco closed its ninth platform investment from Valesco Fund II. The transaction was a majority buyout of Barrier1 Systems, Inc.

Dec 09, 2020

On November 23, 2020, Valesco closed its ninth platform investment from Valesco Fund II.  The transaction was a majority buyout of Barrier1 Systems, Inc. (“Barrier1”) headquartered in Greensboro, NC. Barrier1 is a leading designer, manufacturer, installer, and servicer of proprietary vehicle barrier systems and security solutions to high profile government and commercial clients. Click on the video below for an exciting video showing Barrier1’s products and capabilities.

Barrier1 offers a robust product portfolio of bollards, nets, barriers, beams, and detection systems that provide perimeter security, physical protection, and anti-terrorism solutions. The company specializes in engineering and testing and has developed seven issued and eight pending patents to provide a best-in-class line of security products that are configurable and customizable to accommodate site-specific needs.

Valesco is supporting a control recapitalization, partnering with the founder and management to optimize the team and systems in the operations, marketing & sales, accounting and reporting functions of Barrier1. Valesco has identified a significant opportunity to grow Barrier1’s presence in the $34B+ global physical security market where demand is expected to increase. Barrier1’s products protect major public and private facilities that require crash rated access control solutions in a world environment with increasing levels of risk. Senior debt was provided by a Bank who is an investor in Valesco Fund II. 

Valesco continues to seek investment opportunities to provide equity and subordinated debt for control buyout, recapitalization, minority, management buyout and mezzanine situations from Valesco Fund II. Barrier1 Systems is a great example of relationship, partnership and creativity to find the best possible outcome for the business, the founding shareholder and Valesco. The company is poised for continued success and we could not be more excited to add Barrier1 to our growing portfolio.

About Valesco

Valesco is a Dallas, Texas based private equity firm that focuses on making control and non-control investments in select growth-oriented small- and lower- middle-market businesses engaged in manufacturing, distribution and business-to-business services. Valesco specializes in partnering with a company’s management team to support its growth objectives. As long-term industry veterans, the principals have capitalized and built numerous successful businesses, serving those companies in varying roles as investors, managers, advisors and directors.

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