G.E.T. Enterprises, LLC

G.E.T. Enterprises, LLC is a widely recognized leader in premium tableware and serving ware for the commercial hospitality and institutional food service industries.  G.E.T.’s strong market position stems from its innovative designs using alternative materials, such as melamine and high-performance thermoplastics (polycarbonate, styrene acrylonitrile and other engineered plastics) for producing superior products that are longer lasting, safer, and less costly than traditional ceramic and glass.

Glen and Eve Hou, founders of G.E.T., sought to bring on a partner to accelerate the company’s growth and enable a path to their retirement. Having grown the business from their garage to a nationally recognized $40 million revenue company, Glen and Eve embraced the partnership with Valesco as an opportunity to move on from the business while allowing for its continued growth. In November 2011, Valesco and its partners provided debt and equity for a majority buyout of the Texas-based business.

Given the attractive market fundamentals, strong brand presence and a differentiated product set within a robust industry, Valesco saw numerous opportunities for added value creation. G.E.T. represented a classic opportunity for Valesco to build upon a sound, established business that also offered ample room for growth and enterprise refinement. Through Valesco’s hold period, G.E.T. achieved many key objectives, including:

  • Hired new management team: CEO, COO, CFO, VP of Sales, VP of Supply Chain
  • Bolstered sales team through the implementation of a new ERP system
  • Formalized supply chain and procurement operations
  • Acquired three strategic add-ons to expand product line and market share while maintaining industry-leading brand reputation and margins
  • Grew earnings by 42%
  • Increased employment by 50%

Of special note – In addition to being a great opportunity to partner with an industry-leading niche products provider in a robust industry, G.E.T. gave Valesco a powerful example of the kind of success that can be realized from a highly diverse management team – one almost entirely staffed by talented women and minorities. Through Valesco’s partnership with this innovative, dynamic team, G.E.T. was able to build on its leading brand and entrepreneurial legacy with a combination of focused institutional resources and ideas, positioning the Company for a period of quantum growth and development.