Drug Free Sport International

Drug Free Sport (DFS) along with its international subsidiary IDTM are the providers of drug testing and compliance services for professional and amateur athletic organizations providing customized drug-testing programs and other drug prevention initiatives to ensure fair and safe sport on the global scale or organizations including the NFL, NBA, NCAA, PGA and NASCAR.

When the founder and CEO of DFS decided to sell the company, he wanted to position his management team to retain equity as well as assure ample resources for achieving the planned international expansion of the business. He chose to go with Valesco because of our focus on supporting operations and growth.

Decades of operational performance and acquisition experience deepened executive resources. And, a one-stop capital structure provided by Valesco and one of its bank limited partners completed the package.

  1. “Drug Free Sport was undergoing a transition period and I sought a partner for the team that I could trust to provide operational and M&A guidance, setting the business up for future success.” 

    Frank Uryasz – Founder, Drug Free Sport

Named Founder Friendly Investors 2021 & 2022 by Inc.